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The Tortoise Lady is a licenced seller of tortoises and relevant equipment, gifts and accessories.  It is my duty to educate the new keeper on suitable housing and care requirements of each tortoise before  leaving The Tortoise Lady premises. I feel that this provides the best start in life for the young tortoise and reasures the new keeper of the steps to follow when caring for these delicate species. Every new keeper has to attend a consultation on the basics of care and is presented with a step by step Information Booklet on departure. This is my commitment to ensuring the safety of the The Tortoise Lady  tortoises. 

I do not sell tortioses over the internet.  I feel passionate about the reptiles which I sell and would hope that any responsible new tortoise keeper would enjoy hand picking their new family pet and would pay particular attention to the guidance that I provide to all new keepers on a one to one basis. We would not buy a puppy via the internet and have it delivered by courier being left in a lorry overnight, therefore I feel that it is no different for tortoises.  Thank you for being patient and understanding. If you would like to purchase a tortoise from The Tortoise Lady please contact me via email or telephone to arrange a visit.

The Afgan Steppe Tortoise (Testudo Horsfieldi)

Horsfield tortoises have a lovely nature and wonderful characters. These are often known as the common garden tortoise. The Horsefields are one of the easiest of tortoises to care for and are ideal for beginners.

2 Year Old - 149


Hermanns Tortoise (Testudo Hermanni)

The Hermanns is a very common Mediterranean species which many of us kept years ago. The Hermanns tortoise hibernates naturally in the wild and therefore should be simulated in captivity.

1-2 Years - 165

Spur-Thighed Tortoise (Testudo Graeca)

The Spur-Thighed tortoise is one of my favourite tortoises. Probably because this was the first tortoise that I had as a child and throughout my adulthood. These are wonderful creatures with great character. An easier tortoise for the beginner which hibernates during the winter. 

1-2 Years - 165

Leopard Tortoise (Geochelone Pardalis)

Leopard tortoises have a lovely nature and beautiful distinctive markings upon the carapace. When considering purchasing this species please note that they require looking after during the winter as they do not hibernate. These tortoises grow rather large and therefore require a spacious environment.

1 Year Old - 185

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